Pilger und Backpacker willkommen!

Eigentlich arbeiten wir ja nur mit Gruppen, so ab 12 Personen aufwärts.

Eine Ausnahme gibt's aber: Pilger und anderes Wandervolk.

Pilger, die z.B. auf dem ökumenischen Pilgerweg zwischen dem Kloster Loccum und dem Kloster Volkenroda unterwegs sind.

Liebe Wandersleut, für Euch halten wir eine bescheidene Herberge vor. Wenn Ihr keine Hotel erwartet, sondern einen einfachen, aber schönen Schlafraum in der ganz besonderen Umgebung eines mittelalterlichen Spitals, dann seid Ihr bei uns richtig.

Wir hätten von Euch dafür gerne:
  •  je 12,50€ (incl. Bettwäsche)
  • Für eine Nacht im Einzelzimmer: 17,50€ (incl. Bettwäsche)

Dafür bekommt Ihr neben Bettstatt, Dusche, Aufenthaltsraum mit Kochzeile in geheizten Räumen auch ein kostenloses W-LAN. Das ist 'ne ganze Menge für's Geld, wir machen das aus Sympathie - leben tun wir ja von der Gruppenbeherbergung.

Deshalb erlauben wir uns aber auch eine gewisse Auswahl:

Aufnahme finden neben Pilgern auch internationale Backpacker, Wandergesellen auf der Walz, manchmal Künstler, die hier in der Stadt einen Auftritt haben und Vorbereitungsgruppen für Belegungen unserer Gruppenhüuser. Die Unterkunft ist in meinem eigenen Wohnhaus, hat allerdings ihren eigenen Eingang.

Nicht aufnehmen werden wir Leute auf Drogen oder alkoholisierte Menschen sowie Leute ohne Wohnsitz oder ohne Ausweis - das sind wir unseren Gästegruppen schuldig. In der Unterkunft ist Alkohol nicht erwünscht und Rauchen verboten. Ein Anspruch auf Aufnahme besteht nicht, und es immer sicherer, ein paar Tage zuvor anzurufen. Eine längerfristige Festbuchung und eine Alleinreservierung ist nicht möglich.

Natürlich hegen wir die Hoffnung, dass Ihr die Herberge so hinterlasst, dass wir keine Arbeit damit haben.

Welcome Pilgims and Backpackers

Mühlhausen is passed by the pilgrims route from Loccum Monastery to Volkenroda monestary.

The Pilgrims and Backpackers accomodation is meant to host people who are traveling on little money from all over the world. For those we have one big room, which accomodates up to 8 people, one common room with cooking facility and a bathroom.

We do this less for profit, but in order to give hospitality and to meet interesting people.

This means, we do charge small money for the accomodation. The Price per night ist 12,50 Euro, bedsheets included. We do not accept sleeping bags in our berths. Of course, you have to take care for yourself and for the rooms and prepare your meals, possibly together with other travelers - you are welcome to relax a few days, discover Mühlhausen and meet other travellers.

Our regular buisiness here in Mühlhausen is to run a youth hostel, hosting groups of young people, being here for leisure or learning, for fun and education (wich is not meant to be contradictional...). They come from schools, church communities, or (mainly non commercial) tour operators. This is what has to feed me...

If this is fun for you, you are welcome to give us a hand at whatsoever, maybe you are expert in something that makes our regular groups even more happy than we can make them? You might know a nice song, games, cooking receipts, or you're an artistic painter and like to make some wall more friendly? There are always things to be done...

Why backpacking to Mühlhausen?

Maybe you prefer to visit the big cities like Berlin, where you find nice backpacking accomodation (see www.backpackers.com or www.thebackpacker.net) . But maybe you would also like to see smaller places.

Mühlhausen is a small town, easy to discover by walking, but ist is a real place of history. Laying in bed, you may like to feel right in your back the protection given by the mediaval wall, wich is erected all around the old town - the backpackers beds are posed against it. Maybe you like to discover important places of history - Mühlhausen is just the place. It is the place, where the farmers war began under the leadership of Thomas Müntzer, who accompanied Martin Luther until they split when Müntzer startet the war, which was not what Luther had intended by translating the bible. Many places of history are around, like the Wartburg, and can easily be visited by bycicle or by public transport. You might even have the chance to join an excursion of my regular groups.

Also, Mühlhausen is a good place to be used as a base for discovering Germany and Europe- as it is situated in the very middle of Germany. Hourly trains board from the nearby Mühlhausen railway station to East and West, running between Göttingen and Erfurt. The former inner-german border is just as near as 20 kms. And, some interesting detail, after World War II the whole area was occupied by the western forces, but it was given to the russian authorities in exchange with West-Berlin.

With all these special details, Mühlhausen just HAS to become a place of international and intercultural meeting, though it is far from that until now. So lets help changing this a little bit...

Some rules:

  • You have to be a real pilgrim or backpacker, e.g. you arrive by bike or by feet, with your stuff on your back. You travel by car? Please see the youth hostel or any hotel in Mühlhausen. If your car is old and rattling and has some nice, handmade painting on it, we might give you a chance though.
  • You have your own place of living and you can proove this and your identity by appropriate documents.
  • You live anywhere in the world except in the "Unstrut-Hainich-Kreis" or any of the adjacent "Landkreise" - you wouldn't be a traveler.
  • You are not on Drugs or Hangovers.

Of course, there is no right of accomodation for anyone. There is no long term reservation and no privacy reservation possible.

To be sure, just phone us before heading for Mühlhausen:
Call +49 3601 889700 or 03601 889700 from within Germany.

See you...